February Service Project – Collecting Prizes for the Samaritan Center!

The Samaritan Health Center in West Bend is in need of Bingo prizes and other small gifts for their residents. The Samaritan Center is funded by the county and due to cuts, has become more and more reliant on donations. For our February community service project, we will be collecting prizes for the residents. Here’s a list of what they are looking for: small candies, chips, other snacks in miniature sizes, small lotions, toiletries, kleenex, shampoo, hand cream, decks of cards, small books of puzzles, crosswords, and any other small gifts or prizes.

We will have a basket at the office for your donations. Thank you!

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The Continuing Saga of Republican Overreaches and Redistricting…

This week, Republican leadership announced they are hiring legal representation to fight the federal court decision mandating the district lines be redrawn in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the legal bill for this fight is paid for by taxpayers, not the legislators themselves. To learn more about this development, click on the Journal Sentinel article below.


To see the response of Assistant Senate Minority Leader Janet Bewley, click here.

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Primary – Tuesday, February 21st

The spring primary is Tuesday, February 21st. The State Superintendent of Public Instruction candidates have a primary as do several local races including the school board race in West Bend. Incumbent Tony Evers is the candidate for State Superintendent with the experience and vision to help maintain our public schools. Please make a plan to get out and vote on February 21st!

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Join our Private Facebook page!

The Washington County Dems have a public Facebook page as well as a Private page. The Private page is used for sharing and discussions which we do not want the general public to see. Postings on a private page can only be seen by others on the private page.

If you’d like to join our private page, please go to the Facebook page below, click “I’d like to join” and an administrator will approve you (if you appear to have common ground with our page).

Here’s the link: Private Discussions – Washington Co. Democratic Party

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Here’s a link to the guide INDIVISIBLE: A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR RESISTING THE TRUMP AGENDA. There are many good answers in here to the question, “Now what do we do?” The Wash. Co. Dem Exec. Board will be implemented several of these strategies throughout the year. It’s a great read, with lots of fantastic suggestions.


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