Upcoming Event at the Office—132 North Main Street in West Bend

Bernie Sanders “Meet Up” on Wednesday, July 29th from 7:00 to 8:00 PM

There will be a “meet up” at the office for anyone interested in working on the Bernie Sanders campaign for President. The group will meet to discuss ideas to raise awareness and help his campaign with grassroots efforts in Washington County.

There will be a video message from Bernie Sanders at the event.

Groups will be meeting throughout the country on this date at this time.


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Upcoming Event at the Office—132 North Main Street in West Bend

August Membership Meeting on Wednesday, August 19th from 7:00 to 8:30 PM

Please join us as we plan for our summer actions and activities.

If you have questions or you would like to add an item to the agenda, please contact Tanya Lohr at telohr@charter.net or 414-467-8469.


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Our Next Step Together: Hiring our own Washington County Organizer

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 8.24.16 PM

We have come a long way together in the last four years. We have taken important steps to ensure the voice of the Washington County Dems is heard and made sure those words were turned into action. We have grown our organization from the bottom up and created success after success along the way.

But there are still more steps to be taken, and we’ve gotten to a level where we might not be able to take them alone any more. In order to truly change the political face of this county we need to make thousands of phone calls and contacts now, in an off-election year, and that’s a tough job to get done just with volunteer hours.

We need to make calls to all of the strong Dems in the county who we do not already know—all 14,000 of them—and invite them to join us in the upcoming year. We need to invite them to upcoming forums, and add them to our list to receive email blasts and invitations to our events. We need to break away from only contacting voters when we want something—their vote—and instead work on contacting them to offer something—an event, an ear to listen, a place to go with questions and concerns. 

But this will take more time and effort than we’ve been able to give up in the past, so we’d like to offer a different option. That option is to hire a full-time organizer in Washington County. This organizer can make the phone calls, knock on the doors, put together events, and reach out to an even greater community of left-leaning voters.

We would hire him/her for nine months of work—September 1, 2015 through May 31, 2016. This is a great opportunity to get the legwork done leading into the important upcoming campaigns.

What’s the catch? We need money to make it happen. A salary of $2,500 per month plus health insurance and taxes adds up to $30,231 for the nine-month period. We are running a fundraising campaign from July 1st through September 1st and will keep the money raised in a segregated account. If we raise enough by the end of the campaign, we hire. If not, the contributions received will be returned.

To contribute towards hiring our organizer, please send a check to DPWC, P.O. Box 355, west Bend, WI 53095—or stop by the office and contribute in person. Make your check payable to “DPWC.” If you have questions, please contact Tanya Lohr at telohr@charter.net or 414-467-8469.

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Needed: “Puzzle Pieces”


For our August Community Service Project we will be collecting puzzle pieces for a rehab program in our community that uses the puzzle pieces to create art.

These puzzle pieces can be random pieces—like from the bottom of a toy box or an unknown puzzle box from a rummage sale.

These random pieces will be used by the program participants to create art projects. What a great way to repurpose lost puzzle pieces.

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The Washington County Dems earned FIRST PLACE in the Fourth of July Patriotic Float Contest!

Thank you to everyone who painted, stenciled, walked and supported this great group effort.

Special thank you’s to Brian Bunzel for his float building expertise and to Wisconsin Representative Chris Taylor for walking in the parade with the Washington County Dems.a7084b0b1f65a5ece6c42cff7b2f884b

And our “Potato Drive” was a huge success!

We delivered over 130 POUNDS of potatoes to the Full Shelf Food Pantry in June.

Thank you for your kind and insightful donations!


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