One Vote Needed by Monday to block Betsy DeVos’s Confirmation as Secretary of Education!!

Two Republican Senators have announced they will vote “No” to Betsy DeVos’s confirmation on Monday, making the current vote 50 yesses to 50 no’s. Unfortuntaely, the deciding vote in a tie goes to the Vice-President, which means we need 1 more Republican to vote no to stop this confirmation.

The following Republican Senators are considered the most likely to swing their vote. If you know anyone in these states who can call their Senator and ask him/her to vote no, please contact them today and make the ask!! Here are their names and contact information (all of the phone numbers are their official office numbers, either in D.C. or their home state):

Senator Heller – Nevada – 202-224-6244; 775-686-5770; 702-388-6605
Senator Toomey – Pennsylvania – 717-782-3951 (Harrisburg); 215-241-1090 (Philly); 202-224-4254 (D.C.); 412-803-3501 (Pittsburgh)
Senator Portman – Ohio – 202-224-3353 (D.C.); 513-684-3265 (Cincinnati)
Senator Fischer – Nebraska – 202-224-6551; 402-391-3411
Senator Sullivan – Alaska – 202-224-3004
Senator Gardner – Colorado – 202-224-5941; 970-415-7416
Senator Flake – Arizona – 202-224-4521

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