NEW! A Weekly Update from Our Organizer—Autumn Linsmeier

LinsmeierHello everyone!

It has been an exciting first month! Most of the work that I have been doing has been done from Madison, but I am very excited to start working from our office in West Bend after I graduate from UW-Madison this weekend. Each week, I plan to give regular updates on what I have been doing.

Lately, I have been updating the Democratic Party of Washington County’s “Twitter” and “Instagram” pages. (Please make sure to “click” on the links below and follow us!)

Click on the “Twitter” icon below to join our Twitter feed:


Click on the “Instagram” icon below to join our Instagram feed:




I am also calling some of our members and potential members to invite them to our office events. I have been able to make contact with many different people and have updated email addresses so that we can stay in regular contact. (Please send me your current email address to be sure to be receive the latest news from Democratic Party of Washington County by contacting me at or 920-973-5521.)

I have also put together a “FAQ sheet” that will soon be available at the office to share with new members or anyone who would like a quick reference sheet with information about the Democratic Party of Washington County.

If anyone has a question or would like to meet me, please contact me at or 920-973-5521. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!


Autumn Linsmeier


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