Welcome Our New Organizer!

We are very excited to announce that we have hired our new organizer!

Please help us welcome Ms. Autumn Linsmeier to the Washington County Dems.

Autumn has interned with the ADCC (Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee), Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, State Senator Hansen’s office, the State Senate Democratic Committee (SSDC) and the City of Manitowoc Mayor Nickels’ office among others. Autumn is orginally from Manitowoc and is excited to be joining us in West Bend. We are very fortunate to have Autumn as our organizer.

Autumn will begin work on November 15th. However, due to the need to finish her classes in Madison, she will be doing a lot of work from home in the first month. Please keep your eyes open for an upcoming “Meet & Greet” we will be hosting so members of our group have a chance to meet her. (But, don’t be surprised if you hear from Autumn before we are able to set this up.

Welcome Autumn!  We are proud to have you join our team!


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