Let’s Get Organized

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Dear Washington County Dems Supporter:

We are into our fourth year with an office open full time on Main Street in the reddest county in Wisconsin. We could not have come this far without your continued confidence and support. Thank you.

As we approach the next election cycle, it is time to step up our game and become still better at what we do. As with many all-volunteer organizations, we have reached the limit of what we can accomplish without more help.

There are potential members and supporters in Washington County we have not yet reached. Our data tells us there are more of us out there. We do not have the ability to contact them effectively with those willing to volunteer.

To reach out and bring these new people into our party and get ready for next year, we want to hire a full-time organizer. The position will run from September 1st, 2015, through May 31, 2016. We will know by then if our effort has been a success. Success will be measured by the number of phone and face-to-face contacts, new memberships and volunteer sign-ups the organizer has accomplished. If successful, the organizer can hopefully hire on to the campaigns of either our nominee for POTUS or the U.S. Senate and continue to work out of our office on the campaign’s payroll through November’s election.

No other Democratic County Party in Wisconsin has ever tried to pull this off. We will be breaking more new ground in political organizing and leading the way to a stronger statewide effort to advance progressive values and issues.

Here’s how we do it. We will pay the organizer $2,500 per month ($30K annualized). Add $275 per month for taxes and withholding. Add $584 per month for health insurance through DPW and the monthly nut is $3,359. It adds up to $30,231 for the nine-month period.

Just as we have funded our office operations, we will look to our members and supporters. If 150 people give us $200 or $23 per month, we will have what we need.

The fundraising campaign begins on July 1st and runs to September 1st. We ask for pledges and contributions that will be put into a segregated account. If we raise enough by the end of the campaign, we hire. If not, the contributions received will be returned, unless the donor wants to have us keep the funds towards next year’s office expenses.

Together we will get this done and grow our organization in anticipation of next year’s election efforts.

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