Our Community Service Project for June Will Have the Washington County Dems “Fighting the War on Potatoes”

In order to address the new legislative attacks on the poor with restrictions on the foods that can and cannot be purchased through food assistance programs, the Washington County Dems are doing a “POTATO DRIVE.”

This “POTATO DRIVE” is only fitting since one of the most notable new restrictions is related to the purchase of potatoes that eliminates the purchase of non-white potatoes and also limits the amount that can be spent on white potatoes.

We will be collecting potatoes throughout the month of June and will then deliver them to the “Full Shelf Food Pantry” at the end of the drive.

Please bring your potatoes—especially¬†non-white potatoes—to the Washington County Dem Office at 132 North Main Street in West Bend to help with this “POTATO DRIVE.”




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