Community Forum – Fighting for the Soul of Public Education

miner-2Wednesday, February 5th – Community Forum: 7-8:30

Our next forum will be on the timely issue of public education and is entitled “Fighting for the Soul of Public Education”. We are VERY fortunate to have Barbara Miner as our guest speaker. Ms. Miner is an award winning author and has recently published Lessons from the Heartland, A Turbulent Half-Century of Public Education in an Iconic American City. Ms. Miner is also the former managing editor of Rethinking Schools.

Ms. Miner’s presentation on February 5th will look at current education controversies facing Wisconsin, in particular private school vouchers and privately run charters. She will also explore the vital role of public education in defending our country’s democratic ideals. The current movement towards increasing private charter and voucher schools in Wisconsin makes this a timely and crucial event to attend. Please invite your friends and family to this important event.

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