Recycling Cans for Cash

It takes about 400 years for aluminum to break down naturally. That Coke can you just drank from will probably still look about the same in another century or two.

Recycling aluminum cans saves 95 percent of the energy used to make aluminum cans from virgin ore.

What most people don’t realize is that aluminum is practically the perfect recyclable material. Out of the most common recyclable materials that clutter up our landfills—glass, paper, metals, cardboard, plastics—aluminum is the only material that’s endlessly recyclable, 100% recyclable, and that pays for itself.

Recycling diverted 1.7 billion pounds from landfills.

Recycling aluminum cans can also help the Democratic Party of Washington County raise funds to keep our downtown office open and the lights on! We have volunteers who are willing to take the cans to the recycling facility and get the cash to our treasurer. What we need are YOUR CANS! Feel free to drop off a bag of cans at the office. You can drop a can into our recycling bin. Or even donate your can cash right in our donation jar.

If you have questions call the office or contact Kathy Meindl

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