Our county party can select up to 10 resolutions to submit to our 5th Congressional District Convention. The other counties in the 5th CD will do the same. Our Congressional District Convention will vote on and select up to 10 resolutions to submit to the State Party Convention, where they will be voted on by the state delegates.

We will be voting on our 10 resolutions at the next County Party meeting, on Wednesday, March 21st. In the interest of time, I will be sending out a preview of the proposed resolutions to the membership on Sunday, March 18th. This will give members an opportunity to read through them and prepare to discuss and vote on them on the 21st.

I would like proposed resolutions sent to me by Friday, March 16th so I can group them by topic and send them out to the membership. You are still able to propose additional resolutions from the floor on the 21st. However, if you do, please bring 25 copies of your resolution to the meeting. If you have questions or would like help putting together a resolution, please contact Waring Fincke at or 262-334-1030.

Thank you!
Tanya Lohr, Chair

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